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Collaborating with new fresh talent in our region is extremely important to our brand.

For Florida Gulf Coast University's Digital Media Design Program Fall semester, TWO39 MEDIA collaborated with the DMD2 class to create a brand identity for TWO39 LIFE.

TWO39 LIFE offers a unique art experience for forward-thinking fashion lovers by providing the best local art apparel.

Our mission at TWO39 LIFE is creating-one-of-a-kind, wearable art with imagination, ingenuity and innovation in mind.

Our brand is proud to collaborate with local Southwest Florida artists.

Through our store, artists have the unique ability to showcase their art and collaborate in a creative community.

A few words from Michael Salmond, FGCU DMD Program Director:

“In the Fall semester of 2020 students from FGCU's Digital Media Design B.A. program worked with TWO39MEDIA on a live brief.

The course was Digital Media Design 2 which has a focus on collaboration and working with industry. The students were presented with a brief from TWO39's Sorena Vargas, who they worked with as their client. The brief was to create campaign materials to launch the Two39Life clothing brand and digital storefront.

Students from two sections of Digital Media Design 2 were given the option of collaborating with Ms. Vargas as the client, working in small groups to cover as much creative ground as possible. The brief was launched at the end of September and students had a month to work on the project.

Collaborating with industry is an invaluable experience for the students, it gives them a very different insight into how their work is perceived outside of the classroom environment.

The students have to work on the digital assets as well as their presentation skills. The brief was 'competitive' with two rounds of presentations. Each group presented their initial design solutions to Ms. Vargas and then the best of these would go through to presenting to Brian Samelson, director of TWO39 MEDIA.

This approach to the brief gives students a taste of why pitching and communicating design ideas is so important as well as competitive as agencies in the creative industries vie for every client.The feedback from the students on this project was overwhelmingly positive, and the quality of the work and effort put into it reflected the depth of the experience.

As young designer's live briefs offer more than just insight into the perception of their work, it also offers them work that elevates their portfolio as it tells a different narrative to their other class-based output. TWO39 MEDIA couldn't have been more delightful to work with, always very approachable and on call to talk to and interact with the students.

As a designer herself, Ms. Vargas was able to offer feedback that was from her perspective as well as one that spoke to the wider business model of TWO39 MEDIA and their outlook. This project is certainly one we would do again as the collaboration was creative, fun and eye-opening for the students.”

We look forward to our continued collaboration with these talented students!

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